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Our Story

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I started Yours Truly Card Co. because I want to help create connections.  I wanted to help people express their gratitude for other people in their life in a meaningful way.

I thought about how I show my personal gratitude to those I’m connected with–by writing cards–and I realized that both businesses and individuals can express their gratitude in the same way. 

I have seen the happiness that a personal, handwritten message can bring to someone, and I want to share that happiness through a business. That is how Yours Truly Card Co. began.” 

Fountain Pen

Helping Connections: One Card at a Time

Our Mission: To humanize marketing.


A personal touch makes sense.

Marketing doesn't have to be one-sided.You can create customer connection while sharing communications.

Handwritten cards create lasting, impactful connections.

Personalized, human messages gets noticed. Handwritten cards let you make a memorable impact with your customers. 

That's why we're here.

We believe handwritten cards can enhance your marketing, bring in business, and facilitate connections with your customers. 

And we'd love to help you get there.

We Write. You Benefit.

Customers will know that each and every message comes straight from you.

Every aspect of the card is handwritten.
We even place stamps on by hand.

We can replicate your handwriting or use one of many different handwriting styles–the choice is up to you.

Each card is addressed from you, and your return address is listed on the envelope.

We include none of our branding in the cards. There is no indication that any part of any card is sent from us. That’s our promise to you.

Tailored Handwriting Just for You

Our Handwriting Styles


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